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March 1, 2019

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Value Stream Mapping:

On my previous post I was discussing Lean manufacturing techniques used for project management.  Value streaming was one of the techniques I blogged about so I thought I would elaborate a little further.   

Value Stream Mapping is drawing the value stream of the product or process; it is like process mapping. It is a tool to look at how value flows into and through a process to the customer, and how information flows facilitate the work flow. Apart from capturing this value flow, it is also used to capture process data on work-in-progress, processing time, processing unit, idle time, setup time, etc. It is also known as information and material flow mapping.

Value Stream Mapping helps to loca...

February 11, 2019

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Applying Lean manufacturing techniques to project management has been going on for a while now.  Using the Lean manufacturing principles to the project management process has been an ongoing effort to maximizing value while minimizing waste.

One technique is using
value stream mapping, and it has become central to Lean project management. Value stream mapping for your teams is an effort to understand how value and waste are created during the project life-cycle.  When teams and individuals apply this technique, it helps achieve many goals for your teams:

  • Quality of the final product

  • Projects on time, and under budget

  • Eliminating project waste

  • Reducing project costs throughout the enterprise

  • Adding value to the c...

January 14, 2019

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So here are some of the Scrum master/Project management tools I have been using for my home renovation/flipping projects and some of my thoughts.


The software offers better functionality than many of the Agile paid tools that are out there.  The tool comes complete with backlogs, sprints, Kanban boards, and QA, along with the ability to import from Trello, Jira, and Github. Best of all public projects will cost you nothing. 


Trello seems like a simple program but it is very powerful.  I find it has everything for effective project management. Between moving cards between lists, showing progress, uploaded files (Google Drive, Drop Box) adding comments, feedback and receiving notifications makes this software one of my favorite...

January 9, 2019

Written By


the Agile Methodology for construction projects related to house flipping can it be done?  Yes, I have used it for all of my home construction (flipping) projects with successful outcomes on all the properties.   Typical house flipping projects have all the usual artifacts that belong in project management.  The phases are as follows, initiation/planning, design, construction, walk through (instead of testing) and the turnover to the user or real estate agent phase, followed by closeout the project and looking for another property to flip.   Now real estate projects can be more predictable the software development projects.  But I have been using Agile for a few years now and I am very comfortable with the methodology no matter w...

April 8, 2018

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Here a few of my ideas that you can use to overcome resistance to change:

1.Involve those affected by a change in planning and implementing the change.

If you are using an agile framework EVERYONE has to be involved from day one, if you are using a more traditional framework you can make sure that your team members support the change because you have to include them. People are less averse to change when they help to create and get involved in planning and implementation, you will always create a more involved, positive and stable team. Advise all the team members that while their input may not be incorporated into a planned change, you will value, note their contribution and will consider it if it positive for the development of the app...

February 6, 2018

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We all know there are two types of people in this world: those that like change, welcome it, embrace it, and thrive on it and those that are secure with the status quo, keeping their heads down and hoping things remain the same. For many individuals the ability to thrive on change is a quality for many people, they also love the stimulation and the excitement of learning new things. There is also a larger group of individuals who when they encounter new experiences before they are ready for them, these groups prefer change later.

For Project Managers change has two basic dimensions:

•Change that each project team member must individually address.

•Change that all team members must make to support your project.

When change impacts you or yo...

February 5, 2018

Written By

There are a number of different models that describe the stages of team development. In my experience, I have been exposed to agile frameworks and waterfall frameworks in the development of applications. I traditional model of team development transcends the framework the team is utilizing to build the application. Traditionally team development has 4 main stages and the differences between the frameworks used are not that significant.

Try to focus on the models of team development they are very basic concepts I have used in the past:


When team members are assembled in their team for the first time, they experience many different feelings. Some are enthusiastic and optimistic, while others may be more cautious. I have...

February 2, 2018

Written By

Many problems surface, become apparent and are resolved during team member recruitment. When potential team members hear about an opportunity to be a part of your team, take time to communicate the nature of your project. Very importantly make sure they are aware of the framework you will be using for the project because some frameworks are better suited for certain individuals. Agile frameworks are better suited for individuals who like the high-speed development style, co-location of teams, face to face to face communications, etc. Some members will gravitate towards more of a traditional framework and they like the design first, build then test last scenarios. Help your team upfront to understand your expectations and also...

February 1, 2018

Written By

Even when you are using different development frameworks (agilewaterfallscrum) the selection of team members is a critical activity, if you select the wrong people for your project team, your project will encounter problems. If you try to fit a square peg into a round hole by attempting to modify team members' behavior or reassign personnel who are a bad fit, it disrupts the cohesiveness of your team. This is so important with agile frameworks that are being implemented today, because the team’s structure is defined by small teams (6-8 members) co-location of team, multiple skill sets for each team member, and daily face to face communications, a bad team member who does not fit stands out like a sore thumb. It would always be nice...

January 31, 2018

Written By

We are all trying to find the secret to success when running an application development team the secret is the planning to obtain the right skill sets for the team. I have always considered the project manager to be part of a project team even now more when you use agile frameworks. In agile frameworks the ScrumMaster/project manager is the first player selected for the team, he or she is involved in the early planning stages of a project. Many companies big and small appoint a project manager after the project begins and the project team is in place, try to pick the PM first before you progress too far.

As a ScrumMaster/project manager, you must have inherent, universal competencies; traits that increase their ability to...

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