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As a Project manager/QA manager/scrum master and QA analyst, I have had the responsibility for managing and executing quality assurance activities throughout the agile development lifecycle and post-production deployments. My experience with agile methodologies had been leading agile teams and I have had a proven track record of successful delivery.


Agile project management adapts to ever-changing requirements elicited from the stakeholders of your organization.  Like XP (extreme programming) agile requires constant feedback from customers and all members of the cross-functional teams.  


Real-time approach to projects will help to manage development as it occurs.  With agile you create, test, elicit feedback from the stakeholders, create and test again so you manage your stories simultaneously.  Thus creating more robust code for successful deployment scenarios.  


This blog is about my experiences implementing, managing and working on agile scrum teams.  I hope I can benefit others with tips, tricks, and technique's for successful agile methodology implementations.  







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