• Paul Gravina

Implementing Agile the First Steps

The first things to do when you implement agile.

1. You MUST align your development team with the business and business owners. You should make sure that you have a dedicated resource that is most familiar with the business owner, product, or the team that the application will be developed for.

2. Management MUST bought into the methodology, it starts at the top. If management is focused on the customer and clear on how they are going to engage with them, it will filter down to the development teams.

3. Also I would suggest starting it on a small project, something that might be getting an enhancement or fixing current (bugs) issues with the application, NOT on a major critical application that is undergoing a complete redesign. Start small so the team and management can all jump onboard and grow and learn the benefits of agile from the start. Nothing is a better selling tool than a successfully implemented project.

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