• Paul Gravina

Lean Applications in Product Development- Standardization for Flexibility

Standardization is important as it helps to eliminate waste out of the product development process. If the processes and the design standards are standardized, there is scope for fixing individual responsibility and flexible product development capacities throughout the development team. The standards created are also important as far as downstream lean development capabilities are concerned. There is a great article by Susan Cramm from the Harvard Business Review on what does the future hold for IT, in the article she speaks about “internal roles will shift from being technology providers to technology brokers" and "roles remaining in the IT function will organize around build and run." This to me speaks volumes about the Agile methodology and the practice of it in IT projects. The “build and run” synopsis for me just screams Agile’s iterative development style of 2-week deployments of development, testing the deployment of usable code. I think in the future speed will be the key to being a market and thought leader in any space and Agile is the first step in moving any development organization forward.

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