• Paul Gravina

IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Shortcomings

The absence of constraints could help any organization in any business they decide to focus on earn unlimited profits. According to TOC (Theory of Constraints), the conventional methods of cost accounting, such as efficiency and utilization are faulty. This would mean that the organization which has applied/ or would apply the TOC (Theory of Constraints) would replace the traditional methods with throughput, inventory and operating expense. It is easy to calculate the metrics of these methods. However, it becomes difficult when reality logic trees, undesirable effects, evaporating clouds and future reality trees need to be calculated during the problem solving stage. This becomes increasingly difficult for laymen like the front-line managers and supervisors to calculate. Methodologies are constantly changing and evolving as the IT industry matures. Agile I believe right now is the perfect fit for fast changing, ever evolving IT enterprises.


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