• Paul Gravina

IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Step Eight

Wastage of manpower is a matter of concern. Agile uses collaboration teams so manpower becomes less of a concern. Agile IT generalists are motivated by updated their current skill sets so they are interchangeable between team members. To avoid this kind of wastage depends on the recruitment process, styles of management, attrition rate, low motivation by the higher authority and not using the employees’ ability to the fullest potential. (Again agile uses collaboration in its team structures) People’s abilities should be utilized fully in terms of mental and creative level, their skills and experience you must foster in a collaborative learning environment. The main goal of Lean is the elimination of waste. Waste can be eliminated by identifying it and eradicating all non-value-added activities. Non-value adding activities eat up time, money and resources. If you implement an agile lean environment you will have happier, smarter, better trained and utilized employee throughout the project life-cycle.

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