• Paul Gravina

IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Benefits

I will end this discussion with the benefits of Theory of Constraints (TOC)

1. It increases the ability of the organization to accomplish its goals. It also increases the net profits and the returns on investments (ROI) for an organization by applying cost reduction techniques like the elimination of unnecessary work or non-value added activities.

2. It lessens the confusion in the organization quality team communications.

3. It reduces the production lead time (agile 2-week iterations). Lead time is the gap between order and its delivery.

4. It reduces the cycle time of the IT product. Cycle time is the time gap between the start of the work and its completion.

5. It lessens the work-in-process in a development process and/or the finished application in a network.

6. It reduces labor-time per piece of code.

7. It gives capacity to the staff to analyze and resolve routine conflicts.

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