• Paul Gravina

Lean Thinking 5 (Five) Principles-Value

Principal One (1)

Lean thinking is another way to improve processes. Lean thinking helps organizations to become continually efficient by increasing value, profits and minimizing waste. Although Lean Thinking is generally applied to the production process to improve efficiency, it can be applied to all the facets (Development, QA, Business Analyst, and Project Management) in the organization.

The first step towards Lean is identifying things that create value. Value is determined by the customers. It is about customer demands and what the customers are able and willing to pay for. Lean uses methods like focus groups, surveys and other methods to find out the preferences of the customers regarding the existing products and services. This is so important today because with the rapid changes involved in application development we sometimes forget who this is for CUSTOMER FIRST mentality must be present in your companies thinking now and for the future.

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