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Values Stream Mapping Examples

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is drawing the value stream of the product or process; it is similar to process mapping. It is a tool to look at how value flows into and through a process to the customer, and how information flows to facilitate the workflow. Apart from capturing this value flow, it is also used to capture process data on work-in-progress, processing time, a processing unit, idle time, setup time, etc. It is also known as information and material flow mapping. Value Stream Mapping helps to locate the wastes in the value chain. After the waste is identified, it is removed. A current state map can be created when the waste is identified. This leads to the creation of a future state map with a plan to eliminate the waste. The next logical step is to implement the plan. This means the value stream is restructured. This is a basic step towards Lean conversion. It is an effective method to develop an environment with a reduction in waste. It helps to streamline the workflow by reducing lead times and lessening excessive operating costs. Check out this link for an example of a Lean Six Sigma Template.


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