• Paul Gravina

Deploying Agile/Lean in the Organization- Distribution of Work

Three- Distribution of Work

“The work must be distributed evenly among the employees and the process must be balanced” This speaks volumes when you associate it with Agile development. Co-location of teams in one work space where the business, developers, BA’s and QA are situated in the same work environment (work-room). The more you are distributed throughout a region, building, etc your communication strategy will deteriorate. Face-to-Face communication from team members in one location will bring a cohesiveness that distributed teams cannot achieve. I put together a quick Slide-Share presentation with some tips we have discovered while having to ramp up an Agile team at an accelerated pace. I added an example of a co-located agile team (above)in a workroom, your configuration of types of employees and amounts will differ depending on the type, size, and scope of the project.

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