• Paul Gravina

Deploying Agile/Lean in the Organization- Building a Lean Team

Building a Lean Team

The Agile/Lean plan must be communicated to the workforce (face to face) and an agile implementation (involving five to six people) of the volunteers must be formed. The role of the team members must be demarcated. If you stick to a few of these suggestions your team should perform admirably. Look at your employees and try to determine which ones have demonstrated some of these traits so you can build your team. I put together a quick powerpoint on “Putting Agile Teams Together Fast” and I embedded it above.

• Understanding “just enough" planning

• Pursuit of customer value they always come first

• Technical excellence ability to complete different roles

• Collaborator, communicator (face to face) with upper management

• Team to ownership, we all win or lose together

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