• Paul Gravina

Deploying Agile/Lean in the Organization- Role of the Senior Management

Senior Management

Senior management plays a critical role in the implementation of Agile/Lean. They need to discuss and agree on their vision for the Agile/Lean project. The management must also brainstorm to identify the project leader, team makeup, and business goals. The business needs to make timely decisions and share all the knowledge with the development team. Senior managers have to support the development project so they must have a solid understanding of the technology being used. Management must get the development (agile) team involved from day ONE, your operations and support teams must be able to support the project from inception to maintenance. Management must take a business enterprise view of the project, exp: integration of new system to legacy system. The Agile/Lean projects I have been involved with have had the upper management totally behind the methodology so we have been successful multiple times on multiple projects, IT IS TRULY THE KEY!

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