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High Speed Project Management or Agile, the Best of Both Worlds

In many of my previous IT roles, Agile could not be implemented because of lack of expertise, resources or the buy-in from management. Agile is pretty new and yes it is gaining acceptance I believe you can incorporate the old school (RUP, Waterfall) and the new school (Agile,XP). Buy in from management has always been (at least my experience) the hardest hurdle to overcome when trying to implement a new methodology for projects, so I am going to try to discuss (in the next few posts) combining the old and the new.

• Your Team: Priority Number One

Your team is your number one focus, without the team you don’t have a project. Without your team the schedule versus cost factor is just an exercise, you MUST have a team to schedule and a team to generate project costs. cannot neglect the importance of the schedule versus cost factor and the risk factor. All of these factors are interrelated. The moment your team is formed, it must be scheduled and it must have a budget (project cost). You'll also start to allocate costs to the individuals on the team and to the tools (software, computers, and servers) that they will need to successfully develop the project. Although YOUR team is the first focus, it's easy to see that the schedule time/cost factor/risk factor works in tandem with the team factor. Most of the time you don’t have the luxury to pick your own team or you might be a “hired gun” that inherits a project in trouble, as the PM, unfortunately, you are expected to start the project on time, and finish it on schedule and within the allotted budget. This is the time to identify some speed indicators that might help you in your planning estimation and completion on time of your project.

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