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Business Analysis Requirements

Gathering/Preparing Requirements

In any framework that your business enterprise has chosen the business analysis has to explore business needs by requirements gathering and preparation. If you are using an agile framework or more traditional types of frameworks like the waterfall methodology, most of the business analyst job descriptions remains the same, they must analyze, structures and define information in the requirements document. It might be a word document, product backlog or a work breakdown structure but the ultimate goal is to define and describe the characteristics of a viable solution to a product owner/business. This will ultimately help the project team develop a clear understanding of how to design, construct, test and implement the new application. The main focus of gathering requirements is to develop the analysis models, perform gap analysis for the gathered information for the product owner/business/stakeholders.

The application development team (or scrum team) use this document to estimate time, resources, capability, and the budget that will be required to implement the solution to fulfill the requirements. While the business analyst can rely on other methods such as case modeling, the requirements document ensures that a consensus among all the stakeholders exists about the nature of the problem and the proposed solution. Recording requirements to support the product owner/business/stakeholders needs, goals and objectives is key and must be complete and extremely detailed no matter what framework you chose to use.

The requirements document:

• Document what the business enterprise will need to do to achieve its strategic and financial goals and how to work within the budget to reach those goals.

• Analyze existing information- make recommendations to increase efficiency and reduce redundancy.

• Identify and develop the use of new hardware and software while updating the organization's physical infrastructure and network access if applicable.

• Identify key decision makers and document the team’s skill sets.

• Devise ways to maximize the transfer of that knowledge across the business enterprise through planning processes.

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