• Paul Gravina

Processes to Create a Basic Flowchart

Basic Flowchart:

1.Determine the process you need to define.

Scope creep is a killer while defining flowcharts, If you have scope creep you will begin to flowchart a certain process and wind up flowcharting the entire enterprise.

2.Level of detail.

Figure out if you need a macro (1000 ft high) or micro (1ft high) you will need to decide this while detailing your charts, large overview or step by step processes.

3.Determine the process steps.

Brainstorm with the team (QA, development, business analyst, business owner) to define the steps that take place.

4.Sequence the process steps.

Use boxes for basic process steps, diamonds for decisions (yes/no), and lines with arrowheads to connect your figures.

5.Compare your flowchart to your actual process (in real time) to validate.

Make sure (HAVE TO) your project team participates in this activity.

6.Identify steps that should be targeted for elimination or improvement.

Make sure (HAVE TO) your project team participates in this activity; they are invaluable for this activity.

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