• Paul Gravina

Flowchart Challenges

Despite my experience and the successes I have had in creating flowcharts and the relative ease in the creation of them, you MUST be aware of these obstacles:

•Unstable process: Un-Stability in a process will kill your flowchart if the process does not happen the same way each time you are just wasting resources. •Complex process: Processes that are so complex that it is difficult to understand. Start small and flowchart this type of processor processes very slowly. •Team Trust: Participants are dishonest regarding their knowledge, they hold back information if they feel threatened by the outcome.

Integrated Flowcharts or Deployment Flowcharts

Integrated flowcharts (also known as deployment flowcharts) are very useful in building upon a basic flowchart. They show process flows and identify which department or individual has responsibility for a task. This comes in handy when a process has hundreds of steps and tasks pass through multiple departments/teams. You can use them to identify which department performs the greatest number of tasks and assist with resource planning. Flowcharts are invaluably combined with project management skills, human, and technical resources. If you blend resources, tools, technical skills, teamwork and experience you will accomplish your project and team goals.

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