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Scrummaster/Project Management Software

The market for agile/project management software (list) is growing by leaps and bounds since we started to implement the agile framework on our application development projects. You have to remember that the software is a tool, it is not and will never be a cure to eliminate your project's problems. Some PM’s resist in using it but in my experience most of the scrum masters/project managers use it, and they have had great results. Most of the time the first question you should ask is “Do I really need scrum master/project manager software?"

Even throughout my career in IT, I have not run into many scrum masters/project managers that do not believe in the benefits of the software.

If I have they usually provide a few reasons like:

•The project is too fast-paced (agile, scrum, XP) to keep updated, by the time I update something its already out of date.

•Computer software will not identify what everyone already knows.

•My documents during the meetings are good enough.

•Project management software is a waste of the enterprise's money.

•My past experience with scrum masters/project managers software is it did not do what I needed it to do.

Most of the above comments reflect attitudes of individuals who don’t appreciate the power of software, or they might not use planning and control appropriately during the project. I have found that the software we have used increases the level of planning and control, and is a great tool to communicate to the stakeholders, product owners, and entire business.

Be warned to give scrum master/project manager software considerable thought during your planning phases, so while you are identifying deliverables, develop a Work Breakdown (prior post) Structure (WBS) , establish schedules, assess risks, discuss costs, benefits, and the resources utilized in using project management software with your project team.


1.Create a team and review characteristics.

Create a team to evaluate the availability of project management software and review basic characteristics.

2.Start small.

If you do not have project management software at your organization, download trial versions. Try to buy a no-frills version for a few hundred dollars to increase your familiarity with project management software functionality.

3.Justify project management software based on current/future needs.

If your organization plans on working on a large number of projects in the future, justify the purchase of software today using today's and tomorrow's needs.

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