• Paul Gravina

Using the Agile Methodology for construction projects


the Agile Methodology for construction projects related to house flipping can it be done? Yes, I have used it for all of my home construction (flipping) projects with successful outcomes on all the properties. Typical house flipping projects have all the usual artifacts that belong in project management. The phases are as follows, initiation/planning, design, construction, walk through (instead of testing) and the turnover to the user or real estate agent phase, followed by closeout the project and looking for another property to flip. Now real estate projects can be more predictable the software development projects. But I have been using Agile for a few years now and I am very comfortable with the methodology no matter what industry I am using it for. One of my continuing successes with all projects is the lack of disparities between estimates and the final costs. Sometimes even though you have a successful project you lose track of time and money and how far you might have gone off track to complete the project. I will give you a few of the tools I use (free/open source) to help you implement Agile in your construction projects in my next post.

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